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College planning is the process that begin when the student start thinking about post- secondary education life and future. As colleges (mostly colleges in United States and Europe) are considering a number of factors when admitting the students, it is essential for students to start this process early and plan their high school effectively. There are many examples of students with superb academic records who deserve to go to top colleges but cannot do it because ineffective college planning. It will make a lot difference if the student as a 9th grade is aware of college planning and what the colleges will ask when s/he becomes 12th grade student.

Students and parents are encouraged to contact respective school's college counselor at any time they would like assistance with post-secondary planning. All students will have a chance to discuss the issues surrounding post-secondary planning in their advisory meetings in the fall and spring and will be urged to initiate individual appointments. Parents are also encouraged to meet with the college counselor. A series of evening meetings also provides an over-view of the post-secondary planning process as well as specific information on testing, interviews, essay-writing, financial aid, and Guidance Office resources and materials. Parents and students are encouraged to attend these sessions. Please, contact college advisor at your school for schedules of meetings etc.

Kharisma Bangsa College Counseling is for all students in grades 7-12, who would like to have information about college admission processes, financial aid, SAT and ACT testing, AP Courses and an effective high school planning.

Dhony Hestung Gitomo - College Counselor